Moving can be stressful and overwhelming even under the best of circumstances, and often people are moving when it’s not that kind of situation at all!  Long distance moves, moves with kids and pets, moving when sick or divorcing or newly widowed – these can all be especially hard.  If you can afford to get help with the pre-move tasks such as sorting, downsizing, recycling etc. that will be an enormous help to you. There are professional organizers whose main job is assisting others in getting organized.  On both the packing and unpacking end of the journey, the better organized you are the less stress you’ll experience, so I highly suggest getting this help – especially if it’s been many years since you last changed households.

In the pages that follow, please find a moving timetable and a moving checklist.  These can be a big help – feel free to print them out and check off items as you go!