Today we’ll provide a few quick graphics to give you a pricing snapshot on the 4 counties where we sell homes. These will be ranked by order of housing cost, from highest to lowest.

San Mateo County is “The Peninsula”, the county just south of San Francisco and north of Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County.

San Mateo County pricing snapshot - Jan 2022


Santa Clara County, our home base, is the second priciest area in this region:


Santa Clara County pricing snapshot


Just south of Santa Clara County lies Santa Cruz County. While San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties are considered Northern California, Santa Cruz County is part of the Central Coast region. It’s always a little more affordable than Silicon Valley. (Scotts Valley is a part of Santa Cruz County and also Silicon Valley, which has blurry boundaries at best.)


Santa Cruz County pricing snapshot


Finally, Alameda County, where sometimes we help buyers or sellers in Fremont or Newark. Here’s that county’s pricing snapshot.


Alameda County pricing snapshot