What do houses cost in Silicon Valley?

What does it cost to live in Silicon Valley?

Sold With 10 Offers! 1932 Bernice Way - Cambrian area of San JoseThe cost of housing is probably the least fun thing about moving to the “south bay”, apart from the traffic woes.

In Santa Clara County: The median price of a house sold in this county is about $1.175 million and the average sale price of a home sold is about $1.440 million as of 2018 (see my ReReport for details).

For a house in an area with good schools, the price tag starts at more like $1,300,000 for a smaller 3 bed, 2 bath house (appx 1200-1300 SF in Cambrian with Union Schools as of early 2018).

Homes in Cupertino start at around $1.8 to $2 million.  Want Saratoga with Saratoga Schools?  It will be well past $2 million unless you want an original condition home from the 1950s (aka a fixer upper).  If you want to “spot check” pricing, visit http://popehandy.rereport.com and check the various areas.

Yes, you CAN buy a house in Santa Clara County for less than $1 million. Learn about those locations here:

In San Mateo County: the median sale price is $1,485,000 and the average sale price is $1,856,000.

In Santa Cruz County: the median price is a far more affordable $800,000 to %850,000 range for the median and average sale price of houses.  As the car ads here used to say, “drive a little, save a lot”.  Please note, most of Santa Cruz County is not part of Silicon Valley, and the one area that really is, Scotts Valley, is on the periphery. Most of the hub of Silicon Valley is in Santa Clara County or in San Mateo County close to the San Francisco Bay (not along the coast). San Francisco is NOT part of Silicon Valley, though may reporters – some local – keep stating that it is.

The East Bay is not really an area that I cover much, though I did live in Fremont and Berkeley for grad school – and Silicon Valley now does include Fremont, Union City, and Hayward. Prices are lower there. Pleasanton offers good prices relative to Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, and good schools plus a lovely downtown. But the commute….

Please visit my Valley of Heart’s Delight blog to view a sampling of listings of homes for sale, or to search by your own parameters with the map search below: