For Buyers

Green Modern Home with words for buyers - there's no place like homeFor buyers: if you are interested in buying a home when you move to Silicon Valley, you will want to understand how real estate sales happen here (very likely, it’s a little different from where you’re coming from), how the market varies with its micro-climates, what you may need to understand about school district boundaries, the purchase contract choices you have, and a thousand other things.

I’m here to help. And if you are free to choose your own agent – and aren’t tied to a real estate professional who’s been “assigned” to you by your relocation benefits package – I hope you’ll talk with me and consider hiring me.  I’m a Silicon Valley native, second generation Realtor in business full time since 1993 and am “award winning” over & over.  If you do a web search for reviews about me, you’ll find plenty on Zillow, Yelp, and elsewhere.

Sometimes, though, people want to browse and not engage right away.  If that’s what you’re comfortable with, here are a few articles and sites / resources that I’ve written that I think you will find especially helpful for buyers as you get your toes wet with Silicon Valley real estate:

  • Buying tips on my Valley of Heart’s Delight blog (covers most of Santa Clara County) – series of buyer related articles
  • Articles related to the contracts and forms in use in this area, also on the Valley of Heart’s Delight blog
  • Market reports for many areas within Santa Clara County, mostly updated every month
  • The Real Estate Report – stats for Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and Santa Cruz County
  • Live in Los Gatos blog – info on the town of Los Gatos, with many neighborhoods described in individual articles