About Silicon Valley

Where is Silicon Valley?Silicon Valley is a term with very loose geographical definitions but generally includes the southern and western areas of the San Francisco Bay area in northern California. The largest city is San Jose, which considers itself to be the capital of Silicon Valley.  Most of Silicon Valley is in Santa Clara County, with San Mateo County a close second. Some of it also extends into Santa Cruz and Alameda Counties.  San Francisco is increasingly attracting high tech and biotech companies, so don’t be surprised if the definition of this region eventually includes “The City” too.

As noted elsewhere, the weather here is sub tropical, with about 300 sunny days per year.  Crime is relatively low.  The population’s educational levels are among the highest in the nation.  San Jose (and by extension, Silicon Valley) is often named as one of the best places in which to raise kids and recently was also acclaimed as the most fit city in the nation.  Good weather, lower than typical crime, excellent schools are all hallmarks of life here.

Because Silicon Valley seems to be the epicenter of entrepreneurship, we have a constant influx of high tech professionals, especially, to this region.  Many hail from far away places either in the US or abroad. If you’re at home with tremendous cultural diversity, you’ll love it here!  We are spoiled with an equally diverse bunch of restaurants across the county, too: you can find almost any type of food here.

As a native of the San Jose area, I’ve seen a lot of changes over the decades.  It would be my pleasure to introduce newcomers to this “Valley of Heart’s Delight”.